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A Venti Jesus, please…

This coming Sunday, is Youth Sunday at our church.  You know, where the youth lead music, children’s sermon, regular sermon (sometimes…  usually the eBayqueen aka youth leader asks our super tall pastor to do it instead.), and any other things associated with a good church service: ushering/greeters etc… 

I like to help out with the youth. Maybe I identify with them better… maybe my maturity level is just kind of low… whatever, I have fun hanging out with them, and they are fun to talk about Jesus with!   Plus, they enjoy all the goofy YouTube videos that the Queen finds, and all the hip Christian music, that  some of the… well, more mature, members of our church, wouldn’t be caught dead listening to.  :)  

In the beginning of July, the Queen asked me to write a skit about how people like to mix and match faiths to fit their needs.  And so, Spiritual Starbucks was born.  This play includes a barista, several customers, Jesus, a lawyer, and a narrator.  We’ll be serving up several drinks, such as:  Cafe Cults (actually a bottled drink the customer bought from a telemarketer, but is so bitter, she wants it sweetened up.  You know, some special Spiritual Starbucks ice, some good karma, and a Christ cookie.)  We’ll also serve a Nutmeg New Age Americano ~ featuring some of the god within all of us, good intentions, and some Buddha, Jesus, and Brahman sprinkles on top.  But no solid rock…

Finally, after working and dealing with all of these customers who can’t make up their mind, and want complicated drinks made just the right way, the barista gets to go on break and she’s thirsty.  Jesus comes out and he offers the perfect drink:  A Venti Jesus.  No mixing, matching, size preference, temperature preference, etc. required.  He’s all you need, and you’ll never be thirsty again. 

Hopefully this will work out great.  I hope the message is conveyed, and most of all, I hope the youth learn something from it… but there is one problem.






But, I’ll be praying that the little podium we use as a counter for the barista, will also be perfect for holding their lines.

Converse anyone?

Friday, I took a trip with P-Tricky to Converse Outlet.  See, P-Tricky is going to be the best man in a wedding in June, and is "required" to wear black Converse shoes with his tux.  (Actually, I believe he came up with the idea… I can’t wait, because I think it is super cool, and I’m going to post photos…)

These are the shoes.  P-Tricky opted for the oxfords, and Stones (the other best man), opted for high tops.

While waiting for the groom to make his decision on the shoes he would be wearing… (he was supposed to be getting some orange high tops…) P-Tricky walked around the store in the black oxfords.  He browsed the clearance rack (which was huge…), and walked around the store a few more times…..  and was hooked.


He found some tan/khaki oxfords on sale, bought those, and changed out of his Red Wings right outside the store… Straight up Mr. Rogers style… (without the Keds.) :)

This got me thinking… I think P-Tricky needs some more Converse.  I’ve done some checking, and this could be really fun! 

These are cool…

Check out the custom painted Nintendo Converse… Think I can get some with organ keys on them?

YES!!!   P-tricky can be Goldmember, and I’ll be Foxy Cleopatra!!

Here’s to you P-Tricky… let’s be shoe buddies (and BFF’s etc…;) for life… <3

Church Coffee Bar? Yes Please!

I LOVE coffee… (Hence the blog name ~ CoffeeandKnits~)  There's nothing better than a good cup of coffee, with a little milk, and some Splenda…  To add to my excitement about my favorite beverage, I've recently  learned coffee is also good for you!  It's full of antioxidants, and helps lower blood sugar.  A good thing for us diabetics… (of course the coffee is supposed to be de-caf to help lower blood glucose, but if I wanted to drink de-caf, I'd just drink dirt…)

If you find you actually would like to drink dirt, you can find dirt tea at… PLEASE drop me a line after you've tried it.  I'd like to interview you for my blog…


I was flipping through a "churchy" magazine one  Sunday when our family was assigned to nursery duty. 

(Please note: I do not recommend reading a magazine while on nursery duty, but there was one baby that day… and J. pretty much had it covered.  The baby's therapy bill has already been paid…)

The magazine talked about churches and outreach, creative things to do with the building, etc… It also talked about churches going beyond the regular coffee thermos, and having an all out Starbucks style coffee shop inside the church!!  I WANT TO DO THIS! 

How do I get started?  I am in the beginning stages of figuring all of this out… I have yet to approach the session (a thought that terrifies me…) We are renovating an old school as our new church building…where do we put a coffee stand?   I don't know if we should charge, or accept donations?  I think the donations or charges should benefit Hope House, missions, and youth group.  How do I convey that to church leaders?  Mixed coffee drinks or just different coffee flavors?  Should we have cookies/donuts/ other breakfast-y foods?  I have no idea how to run a coffee stand, what does it entail?…

I DO know that this seems like a good idea.  I DO know I feel led to be a big part of it…. and I DO know how to make a good cup of coffee, can follow a recipe to a T, and make mean chocolate chip cookies…After that, I'm kind of lost.  Any input or advice on how to proceed with my crazy idea would be appreciated… Leave me a comment, and let me know what you think! 

Monkeys in Kansas

Recently, I knit a scarf for my second to youngest little brother, C (7).  He had been asking me to make one for a couple of years, but I never could find quite the right pattern.  On my last trip to Barnes and Noble, I finally found the perfect one in this magazine:

Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009

This edition has several knit animal scarves, a bear, monkey, zebra, and pig.  These are all knit in garter stitch, so it's incredibly quick and easy, and a good project for beginners learning to shape.  (I think the most difficult thing for me was stitching the mouth, and making up… but then again, I hate sewing up the projects!  I wish I could pay someone to do it for me…)

  I chose the monkey scarf for C.. The eBayQueen calls him monkey, and he's always loved them.  I used a very soft dark brown acrylic for the scarf body, and a ball of ecru cotton for the mouth and ears.  The pattern calls for felt eyes, but I decided to use buttons instead… (I had originally wanted to use some vintage buttons, but A, C, and Q all thought the particular buttons I had chosen looked too creepy. )

Here is a close up of his face. :)   He is stitched onto the scarf so that the top is open for pockets!

I hope C. loves his scarf… Right now, I'm making a bunny for A. (pictures later… lots of knitting in the round…)  as for the next project…

The shorter little goofball (Baby Q.) has requested an alligator… and it needs to be bright green… and it needs to have spots… and it needs to have an open mouth… and….

Books I'm Reading…

We've been to the library quite a few times lately.  I counted the library books we, as a family have checked out… and well, I'm pretty sure we're past the limit… (Does our library have a limit?? Checking now…)  Baby Q checked out every Spiderman book our library owns, A. has several art books, American Girl Books, and more, C. picks out whatever looks good, and J. has a book about Hurricane Katrina. 

I love, LOVE to read, and I love the library.  In fact, at one time, I wanted to be a librarian (I still think it would be an awesome career, but eBay, tape guns, and #7 boxes called to me instead…)   Right now, I am reading:

The Given Day by Dennis LeHane

I was so excited to find this one.  I had wanted to read this since I saw Dennis Lehane on the Today show in 2008, promoting the book. 

Here is what they had to say about it:

Set in Boston at the end of the First World War, Dennis Lehane's "The Given Day" tells the story of two families — one black, one white — swept up in a maelstrom of revolutionaries and anarchists, immigrants and ward bosses. Featuring a number of the most famous and influential figures of the era, including Babe Ruth, Jack Reed, Calvin Coolidge, Eugene O’Neill and W.E.B. Dubois, the novel is a remarkable work of historical fiction.

You can watch the interview, and read an excerpt from the book here.

The Library: An Illustrated History, by Stuart A.P. Murray

This is a wonderful book with beautiful photographs and illustrations.  Here's what Amazon had to say about it:

In this remarkable story, Stuart A.P. Murray traces the elaborate history of the library from its very beginnings in the ancient libraries of Babylon and Alexandria to some of the greatest contemporary institutions – the Royal Society of London, the Newberry Library, the Smithsonian, and many others. Illustrated with 80 rich color photos, readers can follow the fascinating progress of the institution we now know today as the library. A rich textual and visual resource, "The Library" will delight patrons and library staff alike.

I would like to dedicate this post to P-Trick… without whom, I would still be using J's library card to check out books because my fines exceeded the $10 limit, and I do not carry cash.  You the man… :)

Criminal Minds, I Would Like to Thank You for my Nightmares…

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am afraid of doll people. Thanks to an incredibly frightening episode of Criminal Minds "The Uncanny Valley", I have decided to steer clear of all dolls and doll related items. I kind of hope we never sell another doll on eBay either… At least not until they make it mandatory to have some kind of doll license or something… You know, like a gun license. I want it to involve a psychological screening. Wait… If you watched last night's episode, you might have doubts about the psychological screening too! Scratch that: If you know how to sew a wig, like to put lots of makeup on other people, and occasionally have tea parties with your "friends" who are in a drug induced stupor: DO NOT BUY FROM US!!!

Yes, those are women… dressed as dolls with sewn on wigs and lots of makeup… in a drug induced stupor… having a tea party.

All joking aside, I visited a discussion board on eBay devoted to this episode here, and I love the real life doll collectors. Their take on this whole thing was pretty funny, and they all seemed sane. Thank you for being so kind, doll people! After all, we all know who you really have to watch out for… those knitting people… with their sticks and needles… ;)


If you are game for a few nightmares, and can sit stationary for one hour, I recommend watching this episode. It was very well written, and will creep the average person out. Maybe I'm just a pansy… what did you think of it?

21 Days…

According to the experts, it takes 21 days to form a habit, good or bad.  This guy wants you to form a bad one…

Yes, that is a doctor, telling people to smoke a fresh cigarette…

Aren't you glad we are more politically correct now?

Thank you surgeon general…

Moving on…

I make New Years Resolutions every year, but never seem to carry through with them  further than… oh, I don't know, maybe the second or third week in January??  Sad, right?

Yesterday, the eBayqueen found a super cool new website:  Here's how it works:

1. Set a goal, (or, in my case, 4.)

2. Respond to an e-mail from each morning, telling them if you were successful at achieving that goal the previous day.  If you were successful, they will mark a little chart, and congratulate you on your success. If not, you will start the 21 day cycle all over again… You can also share your goals on the site, and allow friends to help you keep track by adding their e-mail addresses.  This allows for the extra accountability you might need… (as your humble writer does…)

3. Succeed at your goal for 21 days!  By then, it should be second nature!

The habits I'm working toward forming are as follows:

1. Keep better track of my diabetes by writing down blood sugars and food immediately after testing/eating.

2. Become more organized by scheduling and planning my days in my planner.  Write in it every evening, and use it every day.

3. Blog EVERY day.

4. Wash, dry and fold three loads of laundry every day. 

What are some of your goals for 2010?  Maybe this site can help!  Good luck!! :)

November 1… Means Christmas Music in Kansas City!!

This afternoon, while wrapping (not rapping…), I was thrilled to discover Christmas music in Kansas City!  My radio stations that I had been listening to (96.5 the Buzz, and 97.3 K-LOVE) both went out, so I decided to flip through the stations.  98.1 KUDL was playing "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," by Michael Jackson, and I knew that was where my station would be set to until after Christmas! 

As excited as I am,  I'm not such a big fan of Delilah in the evenings… It's not that I dislike her, it's just that I don't always understand how a Christmas song relates to a woman who's just discovered her husband was cheating on her… (I'm not kidding… I'm listening to it right now.)  

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by… We will be putting up Christmas decorations later this week, and preparing for holiday guests.  I love this time of year, and I have a feeling this is going to be a great Christmas Season with family and friends. 


ps: I'm sorry to all Scrooges who don't share my enthusiasm, or feel this post is full of cheesy goodness.  Blame it on Delilah.  xo


As promised, here are pictures of my siblings Halloween costumes for 2009:

Here is my little sister A. as a peacock.  A's costume was a team effort.  We made the skirt  with tulle, I cut the strips, and J. wore the elastic waistband while the eBayQueen tied the tulle.  He then walked around the house for awhile in the tutu… because J. is crazy like that.  Can you see A's eyelashes?  They are SUPER long blue feather lashes… they make the costume even more authentic. :)

Here are my baby brothers, C. as Mario, and Q as Ben 10.  The eBayQueen made both of these costumes… she made a jacket (with a Mandarin collar from hell.. or something like that.  I can't remember exactly what she called it…) for Q complete with felt #10 and Ben 10 stripes for Q.  He has the authentic Ben 10 watch, and is standing in authentic Ben 10 position… ready to take on some alien slime! 

The eBayQueen made C's costume from a pants pattern.  She added her own overalls bib, and suspenders, and completed it with fleece "buttons".  C wore a red hat with a felt M for Mario, and he also has white gloves.  They both look pretty cute. :)

Happy Halloween!!

My favorite costume…

My siblings have each asked me to tell them my favorite Halloween costume I've ever had the opportunity to wear.  I think it shocks them to hear that I used to love dressing up for Halloween… I'm so resistant to it now.  I had a late start on Halloween…. I didn't go trick or treating for the first time until I was seven.  I was a witch my first two years: (complete with the smelly green makeup…)

However, my FAVORITE costume I've ever worn is the flapper girl costume the eBay Queen made for me when I was nine.  It was made of gold fabric (although I'm not sure what type…) it was adorned with gold fringe, and I think I carried a black feather boa.  I loved that dress, and thought I was so cool when I wore it.  (See the pink dress on the far right?)   

Since then, I've been a bee keeper (I wore khaki pants, a tan shirt, and gloves, with a fishing hat covered in tulle) to match baby J's bee outfit, and we were also Hershey's kisses another year. 

I don't dress up anymore, but I do love looking at other people's Halloween costumes.  My siblings are always pretty creative in their choices… J is going as a nerd (actually, he's not dressing up, that's just his everyday costume ;) ), A is a peacock this year, C is Mario from Super Mario Brothers, and Q is going as Ben 10…  If I can swipe some pictures from the eBay Queen, I'll post them for all of you to see!  xo