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The Fair…

Last night, the whole family went to the county fair… We love to see the animals, look at the people, eat fair food, and occasionally ride a couple of rides.  Half of our church congregation was there as well, so we talked to them, and the many other people momma knows. (The entire town knows the eBay Queen, but these were people SHE knew…. and there were a LOT of them!)

We watched the steer judging, while trying to decipher what the judge was saying.  Evidently, there is a special "cow language" used when judging steer.  All I could understand was: "I appreciate that,"  and "give them a big round of applause…" 

When we had listened to all the "cow language" we could stand, we visited the building that holds all of the 4-H baking, quilting, clothing, and… my favorites ~ photography, knitting and crochet projects.  While perusing photography, my oldest brother (J-13) asked if I would go on a ride with him.  The Downdraft…

We left our parents, and younger siblings (A-10), (C-6) and Baby Q (4) in the 4-H building, spent $3.00 for one ticket (yes, it was actually $3.00 for ONE ticket!), and happily rode the Downdraft.  A ride I highly recommend, unless you get dizzy easily. 

J and I  made our way, (In our dizzy, drunken-like stupor) back to the 4-H building.  We saw our little sister A looking panicked! She told us Baby Q was missing!!  A and C were left in the building with one of momma’s friends, and the rest of us scattered to find him.  I checked by the cows, and baby animals, the bathrooms, the water station…    When I ran into mom, she told me Baby Q had left because he was looking for me!  I was so worried, because I knew he had heard me talking to J about riding the rides.  The ride area is the most crowded part of the fair!  I searched it twice.  It was so scary, and it was as if I couldn’t move fast enough…  (I’d like to apologize to anyone I pushed past, cut in front of, or yelled "Excuse ME!", in a very impolite tone. 

I made my way back to the 4-H building to check with my parents, and saw Baby Q holding mom’s hand…  :)   Evidently, a sheriff had found him, and called momma.  J picked him up and quoted Austin Powers, "Mini-Me!!!  Don’t you EVER do that again!!  Do you hear me??  Don’t you EVER  do that again!!"  Here is the Baby with his sheriff friend.

Isn’t he cute? :)

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