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Sabriel: A book review… You know, ’cause I like to read and stuff…

Recently, amidst all the crazy stuff going on in our household (new baby brother, incredibly ill momma, not so emotionally stable Rachel trying to do just a few of the things The eBay Queen usually does… by the way, her job is REALLY exhausting!) I did find time to read a great book!

Sabriel by Garth Nix

Normally, I wouldn’t say I was into the whole magic/fantasy genre, but this book has quite a few references to death and the dead…I love a good ghost story. Maybe that’s how I dealt with the whole fantasy thing. Whatever it was, I loved this book.

I came about reading it when I learned I am library scum and have to go get my card re-activated because of THIS book:

Yeah… that’s right Baby Q, this was YOUR book… and I found it hidden under your bed. Little comic book nerd. ♥

Anyway, I decided to clean out some of the books I’ve had sitting on my shelves waiting to be read. Sabriel has sat  on my shelf for some time now, (like six or seven years) and finally decided to read it. It kept me intrigued from beginning to end… I had never heard of necromancy before I read this book. Apparently, it was quite popular in the age of the renaissance, and involved bells (just as in the book), magic circles and all kinds of other interesting stuff. Just look it up on wikipedia. Real life necromancers were some freaky dudes! Sabriel was a great book. It takes you along Sabriel’s quest to find her father (both body and spirit), save the world, fall in love and find out how strong she really is. I just found out there are two more books in this series! I will be checking those out soon! Highly recommended reading for anyone into adventure/paranormal/fantasy.