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Oh my… It's Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I’ve written, and for that I am ashamed…. deeply ashamed…

I’m sorry sister… I am a failure.

I can only say: I’ll do better next time!  Please don’t hit me with a ruler!! 

That being said… Here are some highlights of a few (meaning three) of the things that happened while I was away:

The eBay Queen found these three starving kittens on the side of the road on a rainy evening in July.  They are now happy (well fed) members of the family.  Named: Scott, Ivana, and Mr. Bigglesworth.  Do you know what movie those names are from?  "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MR. BIGGLESWORTH!!!"

My beloved Mavica (don’t judge me,) is on it’s last leg.  The camera itself works fine, but I’m down to one battery that only lasts 45 minutes at a time… Not great for someone who likes to take lots of photos for eBay.  Evidently, the batteries are hard to come by (at least that’s the impression I’m given my my dad, the tvman..)  SO, I’m hoping to get a new camera very soon…

These are the newest additions to our family:  Sookie (after Sookie Stackhouse on TrueBlood…) and Rosie (named after an incredibly sweet cat my grandma had while I was growing up, who looked just like this little black kitten.)  These kittens were "found" outside of Wal-Mart… (found in a box of four kittens that an emo kid was giving away)  We saw them, and had to have them!  Originally, we were just going to adopt Rosie… that’s the one the eBay Queen picked out… But after I found out that two would have homes, and one was going to go the shelter… I knew we had to have Sookie as well.  Isn’t she beautiful?  After we had these kittens for a week, we realized something was different… They go limp when you pick them up.  It turns out, they are ragdoll kittens!!  If I could just get them completely litter box trained, they would be perfect.  I’m still working on it.  Any tips would be appreciated.

Now, there are quite a few other things that happened since I’ve been away from blog land, but If I keep on like this, I will bore everyone to tears… and I limited myself to three, so I’m going to break the rules and post one more:  I am so close to reaching my Etsy goal, I need to make one more ring and then I will get my store up and running.  I’m so excited!!   After that’s up and running, I plan on starting my knitting again… I have missed it, but a short row pillow and I didn’t get along very well.

Going to go make a ring now!  xo