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Can I have a break?

Small children don’t like to clean their rooms.

C. and Q. have been assigned by mom (the eBayQueen) and Dad (TVMan,) to clean their room.

Mom and Dad have left me to watch the boys while they set up staging for Youth Sunday at church tomorrow.

Do you know what I’ve heard


And over.

And over again?

Every three to five minutes?

"Rachel? Can I have a break?"






"Rachel? Can you call the dog?"


Who? Me?

(Elvis is the newest addition to the family. More to come on him and his story another time.)

ELVIS DROP THE SOCK/BABY TOY (more to come on him another time too)/CAT!!!…. okay, he hasn’t grabbed the cat, but anything else he can find….)




All of this has left me feeling a bit like this…

Please come home quick parents.

Bring food.

And wine….

Maybe not…. how about coffee?

Back to the land of the living… and blogging.


How many of these "I’m sorry, I know it’s been a long time…", or "I am a blogging failure" posts can one girl write??

I’m not sure… but maybe I’m trying to find the answer… yeah, something like that.


In other news, several things have happened since I last wrote.  Here’s an update:

(a.) ~ Our school-building-turned-church is scheduled to be open for it’s first service November 7th!  We are super excited, but a little unsure if it will be done on time.  God does amazing things though, so we’ll see what happens!  The coffee bar is on hold until we see how things work and run at the new building.   We are holding J.A.M every Wednesday at the new building.  It’s for Kindergarten – 5th grade.  I am leading the Surprise Station, which is awesome! :)   Last Wednesday, I taught the kids a math trick/riddle that always ends in the same number.  Kind of a reflection on how God is always a constant.  It involved counting paper clips, and the kids were divided into two groups – K-2nd, and 3rd-5th.  Which group do you think did a better job at counting?

(Hooray for k-2nd!)


(b.) ~  The eBay business is incredibly slow.  I remember when I used to complain about having to wrap packages all day, and being worried about not having all of them done by the time UPS got here to pick them up.  Now, I’m worried I forgot to call UPS to tell them they don’t need to come because there aren’t any packages.  :(   I miss the days of 50-70 shipments leaving our house.  Meg, come back!!  John, throw us a friggin bone here!


(c.) ~  I’m not married… sorry Grandma.

Does anyone want to guess how much I love this ring?  (Just not sure about all the stuff that goes along with owning it….)  Maybe someday I’ll grow up.


(d.) ~ We are making giant leaps in the sport of cleaning the basement… (yep, I’ve officially declared it a sport.)  Because it’s that exhausting… and because I’m that cool.

(e.) ~  I finally finished knitting a "green alligator with an open mouth, and teeth, and spots."  (Well, I didn’t add spots, but Q loves him anyway.)  I’ll post pictures next time.  Q named him Fluffy, which is pretty funny, because his mouth makes him look like Jaws.

I’ll post some real pictures of Fluffy next time.  My camera battery is dead.


I think that about sums it up…


We have new Internet… (much better than our band-width limiting, not very nice… etc satellite.)  We are on Virgin Mobile.  It’s incredibly fast, and we have unlimited downloads. 


Well, unlimited as far as The Queen allows it to be…

Which reminds me….

The Queen has a secret… You should ask her about it.

Church Coffee Bar? Yes Please!

I LOVE coffee… (Hence the blog name ~ CoffeeandKnits~)  There's nothing better than a good cup of coffee, with a little milk, and some Splenda…  To add to my excitement about my favorite beverage, I've recently  learned coffee is also good for you!  It's full of antioxidants, and helps lower blood sugar.  A good thing for us diabetics… (of course the coffee is supposed to be de-caf to help lower blood glucose, but if I wanted to drink de-caf, I'd just drink dirt…)

If you find you actually would like to drink dirt, you can find dirt tea at… PLEASE drop me a line after you've tried it.  I'd like to interview you for my blog…


I was flipping through a "churchy" magazine one  Sunday when our family was assigned to nursery duty. 

(Please note: I do not recommend reading a magazine while on nursery duty, but there was one baby that day… and J. pretty much had it covered.  The baby's therapy bill has already been paid…)

The magazine talked about churches and outreach, creative things to do with the building, etc… It also talked about churches going beyond the regular coffee thermos, and having an all out Starbucks style coffee shop inside the church!!  I WANT TO DO THIS! 

How do I get started?  I am in the beginning stages of figuring all of this out… I have yet to approach the session (a thought that terrifies me…) We are renovating an old school as our new church building…where do we put a coffee stand?   I don't know if we should charge, or accept donations?  I think the donations or charges should benefit Hope House, missions, and youth group.  How do I convey that to church leaders?  Mixed coffee drinks or just different coffee flavors?  Should we have cookies/donuts/ other breakfast-y foods?  I have no idea how to run a coffee stand, what does it entail?…

I DO know that this seems like a good idea.  I DO know I feel led to be a big part of it…. and I DO know how to make a good cup of coffee, can follow a recipe to a T, and make mean chocolate chip cookies…After that, I'm kind of lost.  Any input or advice on how to proceed with my crazy idea would be appreciated… Leave me a comment, and let me know what you think! 

Almost Perfection…

In addition to being a huge coffee fanatic… I am also a tea drinker.  Iced tea is my drink of choice during the day, and, although I know it is purely psychological, I always have at least one favorite glass that I must wash every day and drink out of.  (Small things make me happy…) Last Thursday, while making a Starbucks stop with my family, I found the PERFECT glass for this summer:

I bought the eBay Queen two of these babies, because it was her birthday. She had only seen them on eBay, and she really, REALLY wanted one. I bought myself one. Today, I took my new favorite glass outside with me to do some gardening:

It was a perfect day to garden. (See that little rosebush?  It grew by surprise, I think it re-seeded itself, or whatever roses do produce more plants, just this year.) It was not too hot, or humid, and my iced tea in my new favorite glass made it even better… But sometimes little hoodlums like to drink my tea and….

My once perfect glass, is no longer perfect.  The plastic straw is creased and bent… This kind of thing happens to alot of the items I own and enjoy. :(    It’s alright… I have plans to get two of my brothers (the third one is just a baby) back whenever they get married.  See, the eBay Queen and I are keeping a list, and photographic evidence…  Just remember that boys….