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Converse anyone?

Friday, I took a trip with P-Tricky to Converse Outlet.  See, P-Tricky is going to be the best man in a wedding in June, and is "required" to wear black Converse shoes with his tux.  (Actually, I believe he came up with the idea… I can’t wait, because I think it is super cool, and I’m going to post photos…)

These are the shoes.  P-Tricky opted for the oxfords, and Stones (the other best man), opted for high tops.

While waiting for the groom to make his decision on the shoes he would be wearing… (he was supposed to be getting some orange high tops…) P-Tricky walked around the store in the black oxfords.  He browsed the clearance rack (which was huge…), and walked around the store a few more times…..  and was hooked.


He found some tan/khaki oxfords on sale, bought those, and changed out of his Red Wings right outside the store… Straight up Mr. Rogers style… (without the Keds.) :)

This got me thinking… I think P-Tricky needs some more Converse.  I’ve done some checking, and this could be really fun! 

These are cool…

Check out the custom painted Nintendo Converse… Think I can get some with organ keys on them?

YES!!!   P-tricky can be Goldmember, and I’ll be Foxy Cleopatra!!

Here’s to you P-Tricky… let’s be shoe buddies (and BFF’s etc…;) for life… <3