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Back to the land of the living… and blogging.


How many of these "I’m sorry, I know it’s been a long time…", or "I am a blogging failure" posts can one girl write??

I’m not sure… but maybe I’m trying to find the answer… yeah, something like that.


In other news, several things have happened since I last wrote.  Here’s an update:

(a.) ~ Our school-building-turned-church is scheduled to be open for it’s first service November 7th!  We are super excited, but a little unsure if it will be done on time.  God does amazing things though, so we’ll see what happens!  The coffee bar is on hold until we see how things work and run at the new building.   We are holding J.A.M every Wednesday at the new building.  It’s for Kindergarten – 5th grade.  I am leading the Surprise Station, which is awesome! :)   Last Wednesday, I taught the kids a math trick/riddle that always ends in the same number.  Kind of a reflection on how God is always a constant.  It involved counting paper clips, and the kids were divided into two groups – K-2nd, and 3rd-5th.  Which group do you think did a better job at counting?

(Hooray for k-2nd!)


(b.) ~  The eBay business is incredibly slow.  I remember when I used to complain about having to wrap packages all day, and being worried about not having all of them done by the time UPS got here to pick them up.  Now, I’m worried I forgot to call UPS to tell them they don’t need to come because there aren’t any packages.  :(   I miss the days of 50-70 shipments leaving our house.  Meg, come back!!  John, throw us a friggin bone here!


(c.) ~  I’m not married… sorry Grandma.

Does anyone want to guess how much I love this ring?  (Just not sure about all the stuff that goes along with owning it….)  Maybe someday I’ll grow up.


(d.) ~ We are making giant leaps in the sport of cleaning the basement… (yep, I’ve officially declared it a sport.)  Because it’s that exhausting… and because I’m that cool.

(e.) ~  I finally finished knitting a "green alligator with an open mouth, and teeth, and spots."  (Well, I didn’t add spots, but Q loves him anyway.)  I’ll post pictures next time.  Q named him Fluffy, which is pretty funny, because his mouth makes him look like Jaws.

I’ll post some real pictures of Fluffy next time.  My camera battery is dead.


I think that about sums it up…


We have new Internet… (much better than our band-width limiting, not very nice… etc satellite.)  We are on Virgin Mobile.  It’s incredibly fast, and we have unlimited downloads. 


Well, unlimited as far as The Queen allows it to be…

Which reminds me….

The Queen has a secret… You should ask her about it.

Criminal Minds, I Would Like to Thank You for my Nightmares…

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am afraid of doll people. Thanks to an incredibly frightening episode of Criminal Minds "The Uncanny Valley", I have decided to steer clear of all dolls and doll related items. I kind of hope we never sell another doll on eBay either… At least not until they make it mandatory to have some kind of doll license or something… You know, like a gun license. I want it to involve a psychological screening. Wait… If you watched last night's episode, you might have doubts about the psychological screening too! Scratch that: If you know how to sew a wig, like to put lots of makeup on other people, and occasionally have tea parties with your "friends" who are in a drug induced stupor: DO NOT BUY FROM US!!!

Yes, those are women… dressed as dolls with sewn on wigs and lots of makeup… in a drug induced stupor… having a tea party.

All joking aside, I visited a discussion board on eBay devoted to this episode here, and I love the real life doll collectors. Their take on this whole thing was pretty funny, and they all seemed sane. Thank you for being so kind, doll people! After all, we all know who you really have to watch out for… those knitting people… with their sticks and needles… ;)


If you are game for a few nightmares, and can sit stationary for one hour, I recommend watching this episode. It was very well written, and will creep the average person out. Maybe I'm just a pansy… what did you think of it?