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Can I have a break?

Small children don’t like to clean their rooms.

C. and Q. have been assigned by mom (the eBayQueen) and Dad (TVMan,) to clean their room.

Mom and Dad have left me to watch the boys while they set up staging for Youth Sunday at church tomorrow.

Do you know what I’ve heard


And over.

And over again?

Every three to five minutes?

"Rachel? Can I have a break?"






"Rachel? Can you call the dog?"


Who? Me?

(Elvis is the newest addition to the family. More to come on him and his story another time.)

ELVIS DROP THE SOCK/BABY TOY (more to come on him another time too)/CAT!!!…. okay, he hasn’t grabbed the cat, but anything else he can find….)




All of this has left me feeling a bit like this…

Please come home quick parents.

Bring food.

And wine….

Maybe not…. how about coffee?

Fluffy… the Alligator?

Sunday night, I finally finished a specially requested knit alligator.  Q wanted "a green alligator with an open mouth and teeth, and green spots."  After much searching, I was finally able to find said alligator, minus the spots, in the book  Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor.  



This alligator (he’s listed as a Snappy Crocodile in the book, but Q. calls him an alligator…) was fun to make, but he took me way too long.  I wasn’t very focused, I had to rip out the first side because I lost count… BUT, he was easy to make once I focused.  The only thing I wasn’t too incredibly impressed with was the fact that a few important directions were left out in the book when it came to finishing.  I wish I’d known to sew the ridges before I spent an hour trying to figure out how to stuff them.   Really, all it probably required was common sense, and Miss Zoe Mellor probably thought the knitters reading her book would be smart enough to figure it out.  She didn’t realize she’d have goofballs like me, who are relatively good at knitting.  But NOT good at sewing it all together. Can I pay someone to do that for me? 

As promised, here are some pictures of my baby brother and his alligator…. named Fluffy.

     Fluffy’s awesome Jaws like smile.


Laying in his owner’s lap, like all good fluffy alligators should…




Time out for Fluffy.


I’m not sure what I’ll be knitting next.  I’ll have made my decision by next Wednesday… I think. :)

Back to the land of the living… and blogging.


How many of these "I’m sorry, I know it’s been a long time…", or "I am a blogging failure" posts can one girl write??

I’m not sure… but maybe I’m trying to find the answer… yeah, something like that.


In other news, several things have happened since I last wrote.  Here’s an update:

(a.) ~ Our school-building-turned-church is scheduled to be open for it’s first service November 7th!  We are super excited, but a little unsure if it will be done on time.  God does amazing things though, so we’ll see what happens!  The coffee bar is on hold until we see how things work and run at the new building.   We are holding J.A.M every Wednesday at the new building.  It’s for Kindergarten – 5th grade.  I am leading the Surprise Station, which is awesome! :)   Last Wednesday, I taught the kids a math trick/riddle that always ends in the same number.  Kind of a reflection on how God is always a constant.  It involved counting paper clips, and the kids were divided into two groups – K-2nd, and 3rd-5th.  Which group do you think did a better job at counting?

(Hooray for k-2nd!)


(b.) ~  The eBay business is incredibly slow.  I remember when I used to complain about having to wrap packages all day, and being worried about not having all of them done by the time UPS got here to pick them up.  Now, I’m worried I forgot to call UPS to tell them they don’t need to come because there aren’t any packages.  :(   I miss the days of 50-70 shipments leaving our house.  Meg, come back!!  John, throw us a friggin bone here!


(c.) ~  I’m not married… sorry Grandma.

Does anyone want to guess how much I love this ring?  (Just not sure about all the stuff that goes along with owning it….)  Maybe someday I’ll grow up.


(d.) ~ We are making giant leaps in the sport of cleaning the basement… (yep, I’ve officially declared it a sport.)  Because it’s that exhausting… and because I’m that cool.

(e.) ~  I finally finished knitting a "green alligator with an open mouth, and teeth, and spots."  (Well, I didn’t add spots, but Q loves him anyway.)  I’ll post pictures next time.  Q named him Fluffy, which is pretty funny, because his mouth makes him look like Jaws.

I’ll post some real pictures of Fluffy next time.  My camera battery is dead.


I think that about sums it up…


We have new Internet… (much better than our band-width limiting, not very nice… etc satellite.)  We are on Virgin Mobile.  It’s incredibly fast, and we have unlimited downloads. 


Well, unlimited as far as The Queen allows it to be…

Which reminds me….

The Queen has a secret… You should ask her about it.

Here in our county, we celebrate Independence Day on the FIFTH of July.

How was your Fourth of July?  Our family had a great day, we went to church, came home and had an awesome dinner of salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and biscuits.  (My momma, the eBay Queen is a good cook.  She’s cool like that.)  I went outside and gardened for awhile… (I need to post some pictures of the garden.),  Came inside and FINALLY finished a book, and was super excited to learn that my Ginger (aka: P-Tricky) had the evening off work, and he was coming to watch fireworks with us. 

And then….

It started raining.

and ruined any plans for fireworks…

We were going to a family friend’s house to watch an awesome fireworks display, but ended up coming home and watching PBS instead.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun!  But it can’t compare to this:

or this:


We were able to see these yesterday, July 5th.  Because Franklin County is awesome.  Because they didn’t want the little children, pyros, and spoiled knitters (like me) to cry and whine for the rest of the year about their lack of fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Because we’re not going to let a little rain ruin our party… and because we have some seriously patriotic people in our community.  Thank you! 



Converse anyone?

Friday, I took a trip with P-Tricky to Converse Outlet.  See, P-Tricky is going to be the best man in a wedding in June, and is "required" to wear black Converse shoes with his tux.  (Actually, I believe he came up with the idea… I can’t wait, because I think it is super cool, and I’m going to post photos…)

These are the shoes.  P-Tricky opted for the oxfords, and Stones (the other best man), opted for high tops.

While waiting for the groom to make his decision on the shoes he would be wearing… (he was supposed to be getting some orange high tops…) P-Tricky walked around the store in the black oxfords.  He browsed the clearance rack (which was huge…), and walked around the store a few more times…..  and was hooked.


He found some tan/khaki oxfords on sale, bought those, and changed out of his Red Wings right outside the store… Straight up Mr. Rogers style… (without the Keds.) :)

This got me thinking… I think P-Tricky needs some more Converse.  I’ve done some checking, and this could be really fun! 

These are cool…

Check out the custom painted Nintendo Converse… Think I can get some with organ keys on them?

YES!!!   P-tricky can be Goldmember, and I’ll be Foxy Cleopatra!!

Here’s to you P-Tricky… let’s be shoe buddies (and BFF’s etc…;) for life… <3

Monkeys in Kansas

Recently, I knit a scarf for my second to youngest little brother, C (7).  He had been asking me to make one for a couple of years, but I never could find quite the right pattern.  On my last trip to Barnes and Noble, I finally found the perfect one in this magazine:

Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009

This edition has several knit animal scarves, a bear, monkey, zebra, and pig.  These are all knit in garter stitch, so it's incredibly quick and easy, and a good project for beginners learning to shape.  (I think the most difficult thing for me was stitching the mouth, and making up… but then again, I hate sewing up the projects!  I wish I could pay someone to do it for me…)

  I chose the monkey scarf for C.. The eBayQueen calls him monkey, and he's always loved them.  I used a very soft dark brown acrylic for the scarf body, and a ball of ecru cotton for the mouth and ears.  The pattern calls for felt eyes, but I decided to use buttons instead… (I had originally wanted to use some vintage buttons, but A, C, and Q all thought the particular buttons I had chosen looked too creepy. )

Here is a close up of his face. :)   He is stitched onto the scarf so that the top is open for pockets!

I hope C. loves his scarf… Right now, I'm making a bunny for A. (pictures later… lots of knitting in the round…)  as for the next project…

The shorter little goofball (Baby Q.) has requested an alligator… and it needs to be bright green… and it needs to have spots… and it needs to have an open mouth… and….


As promised, here are pictures of my siblings Halloween costumes for 2009:

Here is my little sister A. as a peacock.  A's costume was a team effort.  We made the skirt  with tulle, I cut the strips, and J. wore the elastic waistband while the eBayQueen tied the tulle.  He then walked around the house for awhile in the tutu… because J. is crazy like that.  Can you see A's eyelashes?  They are SUPER long blue feather lashes… they make the costume even more authentic. :)

Here are my baby brothers, C. as Mario, and Q as Ben 10.  The eBayQueen made both of these costumes… she made a jacket (with a Mandarin collar from hell.. or something like that.  I can't remember exactly what she called it…) for Q complete with felt #10 and Ben 10 stripes for Q.  He has the authentic Ben 10 watch, and is standing in authentic Ben 10 position… ready to take on some alien slime! 

The eBayQueen made C's costume from a pants pattern.  She added her own overalls bib, and suspenders, and completed it with fleece "buttons".  C wore a red hat with a felt M for Mario, and he also has white gloves.  They both look pretty cute. :)

Happy Halloween!!

My favorite costume…

My siblings have each asked me to tell them my favorite Halloween costume I've ever had the opportunity to wear.  I think it shocks them to hear that I used to love dressing up for Halloween… I'm so resistant to it now.  I had a late start on Halloween…. I didn't go trick or treating for the first time until I was seven.  I was a witch my first two years: (complete with the smelly green makeup…)

However, my FAVORITE costume I've ever worn is the flapper girl costume the eBay Queen made for me when I was nine.  It was made of gold fabric (although I'm not sure what type…) it was adorned with gold fringe, and I think I carried a black feather boa.  I loved that dress, and thought I was so cool when I wore it.  (See the pink dress on the far right?)   

Since then, I've been a bee keeper (I wore khaki pants, a tan shirt, and gloves, with a fishing hat covered in tulle) to match baby J's bee outfit, and we were also Hershey's kisses another year. 

I don't dress up anymore, but I do love looking at other people's Halloween costumes.  My siblings are always pretty creative in their choices… J is going as a nerd (actually, he's not dressing up, that's just his everyday costume ;) ), A is a peacock this year, C is Mario from Super Mario Brothers, and Q is going as Ben 10…  If I can swipe some pictures from the eBay Queen, I'll post them for all of you to see!  xo

Oh my… It's Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I’ve written, and for that I am ashamed…. deeply ashamed…

I’m sorry sister… I am a failure.

I can only say: I’ll do better next time!  Please don’t hit me with a ruler!! 

That being said… Here are some highlights of a few (meaning three) of the things that happened while I was away:

The eBay Queen found these three starving kittens on the side of the road on a rainy evening in July.  They are now happy (well fed) members of the family.  Named: Scott, Ivana, and Mr. Bigglesworth.  Do you know what movie those names are from?  "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MR. BIGGLESWORTH!!!"

My beloved Mavica (don’t judge me,) is on it’s last leg.  The camera itself works fine, but I’m down to one battery that only lasts 45 minutes at a time… Not great for someone who likes to take lots of photos for eBay.  Evidently, the batteries are hard to come by (at least that’s the impression I’m given my my dad, the tvman..)  SO, I’m hoping to get a new camera very soon…

These are the newest additions to our family:  Sookie (after Sookie Stackhouse on TrueBlood…) and Rosie (named after an incredibly sweet cat my grandma had while I was growing up, who looked just like this little black kitten.)  These kittens were "found" outside of Wal-Mart… (found in a box of four kittens that an emo kid was giving away)  We saw them, and had to have them!  Originally, we were just going to adopt Rosie… that’s the one the eBay Queen picked out… But after I found out that two would have homes, and one was going to go the shelter… I knew we had to have Sookie as well.  Isn’t she beautiful?  After we had these kittens for a week, we realized something was different… They go limp when you pick them up.  It turns out, they are ragdoll kittens!!  If I could just get them completely litter box trained, they would be perfect.  I’m still working on it.  Any tips would be appreciated.

Now, there are quite a few other things that happened since I’ve been away from blog land, but If I keep on like this, I will bore everyone to tears… and I limited myself to three, so I’m going to break the rules and post one more:  I am so close to reaching my Etsy goal, I need to make one more ring and then I will get my store up and running.  I’m so excited!!   After that’s up and running, I plan on starting my knitting again… I have missed it, but a short row pillow and I didn’t get along very well.

Going to go make a ring now!  xo

The Fair…

Last night, the whole family went to the county fair… We love to see the animals, look at the people, eat fair food, and occasionally ride a couple of rides.  Half of our church congregation was there as well, so we talked to them, and the many other people momma knows. (The entire town knows the eBay Queen, but these were people SHE knew…. and there were a LOT of them!)

We watched the steer judging, while trying to decipher what the judge was saying.  Evidently, there is a special "cow language" used when judging steer.  All I could understand was: "I appreciate that,"  and "give them a big round of applause…" 

When we had listened to all the "cow language" we could stand, we visited the building that holds all of the 4-H baking, quilting, clothing, and… my favorites ~ photography, knitting and crochet projects.  While perusing photography, my oldest brother (J-13) asked if I would go on a ride with him.  The Downdraft…

We left our parents, and younger siblings (A-10), (C-6) and Baby Q (4) in the 4-H building, spent $3.00 for one ticket (yes, it was actually $3.00 for ONE ticket!), and happily rode the Downdraft.  A ride I highly recommend, unless you get dizzy easily. 

J and I  made our way, (In our dizzy, drunken-like stupor) back to the 4-H building.  We saw our little sister A looking panicked! She told us Baby Q was missing!!  A and C were left in the building with one of momma’s friends, and the rest of us scattered to find him.  I checked by the cows, and baby animals, the bathrooms, the water station…    When I ran into mom, she told me Baby Q had left because he was looking for me!  I was so worried, because I knew he had heard me talking to J about riding the rides.  The ride area is the most crowded part of the fair!  I searched it twice.  It was so scary, and it was as if I couldn’t move fast enough…  (I’d like to apologize to anyone I pushed past, cut in front of, or yelled "Excuse ME!", in a very impolite tone. 

I made my way back to the 4-H building to check with my parents, and saw Baby Q holding mom’s hand…  :)   Evidently, a sheriff had found him, and called momma.  J picked him up and quoted Austin Powers, "Mini-Me!!!  Don’t you EVER do that again!!  Do you hear me??  Don’t you EVER  do that again!!"  Here is the Baby with his sheriff friend.

Isn’t he cute? :)