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Almost Perfection…

In addition to being a huge coffee fanatic… I am also a tea drinker.  Iced tea is my drink of choice during the day, and, although I know it is purely psychological, I always have at least one favorite glass that I must wash every day and drink out of.  (Small things make me happy…) Last Thursday, while making a Starbucks stop with my family, I found the PERFECT glass for this summer:

I bought the eBay Queen two of these babies, because it was her birthday. She had only seen them on eBay, and she really, REALLY wanted one. I bought myself one. Today, I took my new favorite glass outside with me to do some gardening:

It was a perfect day to garden. (See that little rosebush?  It grew by surprise, I think it re-seeded itself, or whatever roses do produce more plants, just this year.) It was not too hot, or humid, and my iced tea in my new favorite glass made it even better… But sometimes little hoodlums like to drink my tea and….

My once perfect glass, is no longer perfect.  The plastic straw is creased and bent… This kind of thing happens to alot of the items I own and enjoy. :(    It’s alright… I have plans to get two of my brothers (the third one is just a baby) back whenever they get married.  See, the eBay Queen and I are keeping a list, and photographic evidence…  Just remember that boys….