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As promised, here are pictures of my siblings Halloween costumes for 2009:

Here is my little sister A. as a peacock.  A's costume was a team effort.  We made the skirt  with tulle, I cut the strips, and J. wore the elastic waistband while the eBayQueen tied the tulle.  He then walked around the house for awhile in the tutu… because J. is crazy like that.  Can you see A's eyelashes?  They are SUPER long blue feather lashes… they make the costume even more authentic. :)

Here are my baby brothers, C. as Mario, and Q as Ben 10.  The eBayQueen made both of these costumes… she made a jacket (with a Mandarin collar from hell.. or something like that.  I can't remember exactly what she called it…) for Q complete with felt #10 and Ben 10 stripes for Q.  He has the authentic Ben 10 watch, and is standing in authentic Ben 10 position… ready to take on some alien slime! 

The eBayQueen made C's costume from a pants pattern.  She added her own overalls bib, and suspenders, and completed it with fleece "buttons".  C wore a red hat with a felt M for Mario, and he also has white gloves.  They both look pretty cute. :)

Happy Halloween!!

My favorite costume…

My siblings have each asked me to tell them my favorite Halloween costume I've ever had the opportunity to wear.  I think it shocks them to hear that I used to love dressing up for Halloween… I'm so resistant to it now.  I had a late start on Halloween…. I didn't go trick or treating for the first time until I was seven.  I was a witch my first two years: (complete with the smelly green makeup…)

However, my FAVORITE costume I've ever worn is the flapper girl costume the eBay Queen made for me when I was nine.  It was made of gold fabric (although I'm not sure what type…) it was adorned with gold fringe, and I think I carried a black feather boa.  I loved that dress, and thought I was so cool when I wore it.  (See the pink dress on the far right?)   

Since then, I've been a bee keeper (I wore khaki pants, a tan shirt, and gloves, with a fishing hat covered in tulle) to match baby J's bee outfit, and we were also Hershey's kisses another year. 

I don't dress up anymore, but I do love looking at other people's Halloween costumes.  My siblings are always pretty creative in their choices… J is going as a nerd (actually, he's not dressing up, that's just his everyday costume ;) ), A is a peacock this year, C is Mario from Super Mario Brothers, and Q is going as Ben 10…  If I can swipe some pictures from the eBay Queen, I'll post them for all of you to see!  xo