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21 Days…

According to the experts, it takes 21 days to form a habit, good or bad.  This guy wants you to form a bad one…

Yes, that is a doctor, telling people to smoke a fresh cigarette…

Aren't you glad we are more politically correct now?

Thank you surgeon general…

Moving on…

I make New Years Resolutions every year, but never seem to carry through with them  further than… oh, I don't know, maybe the second or third week in January??  Sad, right?

Yesterday, the eBayqueen found a super cool new website:  Here's how it works:

1. Set a goal, (or, in my case, 4.)

2. Respond to an e-mail from each morning, telling them if you were successful at achieving that goal the previous day.  If you were successful, they will mark a little chart, and congratulate you on your success. If not, you will start the 21 day cycle all over again… You can also share your goals on the site, and allow friends to help you keep track by adding their e-mail addresses.  This allows for the extra accountability you might need… (as your humble writer does…)

3. Succeed at your goal for 21 days!  By then, it should be second nature!

The habits I'm working toward forming are as follows:

1. Keep better track of my diabetes by writing down blood sugars and food immediately after testing/eating.

2. Become more organized by scheduling and planning my days in my planner.  Write in it every evening, and use it every day.

3. Blog EVERY day.

4. Wash, dry and fold three loads of laundry every day. 

What are some of your goals for 2010?  Maybe this site can help!  Good luck!! :)