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Normally, I don’t like bugs but…

Yesterday, after going to an overpiced garage sale with the eBay Queen.

Definitely overpriced.

I thought I was going to get a box full of yarn ~ not beautiful yarn, just old acrylic for 3.00. When I went to purchase said yarn, a bag of tan and ivory yarn was pulled out and priced at an addition 5.00. Not exactly the bargain I was hoping for.

ANYWAY. We came home to find a bunch of these little buggers on the bee balm I had planted last year.

First: Look at the bee balm:


The blooms are a little old (they’ve been out for almost 2 weeks), but they are still beautiful.

See, I found it growing in the back of our property, and planted 4 super skinny stalks of it last year. 4 single stalks. This year they have taken over the garden, and appear to have cross-pollinated with the pink dwarf bee balm to create a super tall fuschia colored flower! It is amazing!

Rosie loves them too. Don’t mind the weeds… or the pixel ridden photo. I’m trying Picasa out, and well… may have gotten a little carried away with the sharpening tool.


But I digress….

When the queen and I came home, we saw about 20 of these:

Looks like a honeybee, right?

Look again:

Now it looks like a baby hummingbird!

Now it looks like a bee again…


Because I’m a nerd. And because I like to learn about goofy things, I did some research and looked these bad boys up.

Apparently, this is called a hummingbird moth! There are several different species, but our lovely Kansas bee balm pollenating buggies are called Snowberry Clearwing Humminbird Moths. They are just babies as they can get up to 2 inches in size. (I saw some of the larger moths yesterday, but they little ones were around for me to photograph today.)

I think they are pretty darn cute.