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Criminal Minds, I Would Like to Thank You for my Nightmares…

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am afraid of doll people. Thanks to an incredibly frightening episode of Criminal Minds "The Uncanny Valley", I have decided to steer clear of all dolls and doll related items. I kind of hope we never sell another doll on eBay either… At least not until they make it mandatory to have some kind of doll license or something… You know, like a gun license. I want it to involve a psychological screening. Wait… If you watched last night's episode, you might have doubts about the psychological screening too! Scratch that: If you know how to sew a wig, like to put lots of makeup on other people, and occasionally have tea parties with your "friends" who are in a drug induced stupor: DO NOT BUY FROM US!!!

Yes, those are women… dressed as dolls with sewn on wigs and lots of makeup… in a drug induced stupor… having a tea party.

All joking aside, I visited a discussion board on eBay devoted to this episode here, and I love the real life doll collectors. Their take on this whole thing was pretty funny, and they all seemed sane. Thank you for being so kind, doll people! After all, we all know who you really have to watch out for… those knitting people… with their sticks and needles… ;)


If you are game for a few nightmares, and can sit stationary for one hour, I recommend watching this episode. It was very well written, and will creep the average person out. Maybe I'm just a pansy… what did you think of it?