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Here in our county, we celebrate Independence Day on the FIFTH of July.

How was your Fourth of July?  Our family had a great day, we went to church, came home and had an awesome dinner of salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and biscuits.  (My momma, the eBay Queen is a good cook.  She’s cool like that.)  I went outside and gardened for awhile… (I need to post some pictures of the garden.),  Came inside and FINALLY finished a book, and was super excited to learn that my Ginger (aka: P-Tricky) had the evening off work, and he was coming to watch fireworks with us. 

And then….

It started raining.

and ruined any plans for fireworks…

We were going to a family friend’s house to watch an awesome fireworks display, but ended up coming home and watching PBS instead.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun!  But it can’t compare to this:

or this:


We were able to see these yesterday, July 5th.  Because Franklin County is awesome.  Because they didn’t want the little children, pyros, and spoiled knitters (like me) to cry and whine for the rest of the year about their lack of fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Because we’re not going to let a little rain ruin our party… and because we have some seriously patriotic people in our community.  Thank you!