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Youth Sunday was Awesome!!

Yesterday was youth Sunday, and I’d just like to say, that it went AWESOME!  The eBayQueen taught the Preschool-5th Grade "Big House" by Audio Adrenaline… while this kid:

(W., my little brother’s best friend. He’s pretty cool, and a really good kid..)

taught all those little kids a dance to go with the song.  They did great!  We even had a couple of kids doing the worm down the aisle, and another one doing the coffee grinder…  Yeah, ’cause that’s how we Presbyterians roll!  (While John Calvin rolls in his grave.)  Watching the kids dance, and have a good time was so cool!  The Queen was worried that they’d get up there and not do anything, but they did fabulous!

A. wrote the Children’s Sermon, and it was great!  She discussed the way the Bible is more relevant than a newspaper.  She showed the kids how adults use the newspaper (or internet) everyday to get news, but people should use the Bible everyday to learn how to live…. yeah.  I need to work on that. 


After all that, some beautiful songs were sung by the talented youth of our church and one P-Tricky, and we had our Spiritual Starbucks play.  Let me just say, the kids did WONDERFULLY!  I think they had fun acting it out, putting out props, and taking on the persona’s of the people they were representing.  I hope they learned from it, and I think the point was made to the congregation.  (I had a couple of people come tell me it was well written, and had a good message, but wasn’t too comfortable… I think that’s a good thing?  Jesus’ message wasn’t given to make people comfortable.  It was to wake them up!)  Super Tall Pastor gave closing statements, and reinforced the message with scripture, and after it was over, I think the color returned back to the Queen’s face.  She can breathe now, with another job well done on Youth Sunday!  :)